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BA English Literature Course details, Latest Syllabus, Semester wise subjects and Job opportunities.

What is BA English Literature?

BA English Language and Literature or Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Literature is a 3-Year (6 Semesters) undergraduate Course. This course focuses on developing skills in reading and writing, communication skills, understanding Indian and English literature including poetry, novels, prose, etc.

The Core topics you have to study while pursuing BA English Language and Literature are Literature, Appreciating Poetry, Journalism, Appreciating Prose, Grammar, Signatures, Appreciating Fiction, Appreciating Drama and Theatre, Classics of World Literature and much more.

After qualifying BA English Literature you can find Job opportunities in fields such as Journalism, Mass Communication, Public Relations, Marketing, Advertising, Content Writer, Blogger, Law, Teacher, Script Writer, etc. in both private and public sector or work as a Freelancer.

The higher-level education options you can go after completing BA English Literature and Language are in MA English, MA Functional English, MBA or can go for go for professional courses like Journalism and Mass Communication, Linguistics, Film Editing, etc. according to your taste and ambition.

The Fee structure of BA English Language and Literature course is around Rs. 9500 per semester (taken consider of the University of Calicut), The fee can vary for different colleges depending on the college you take whether it is aided or unaided (Government based or Self financing colleges).

The basic eligibility for this course is to qualify 12th from any recognized board of institution.

The Course is divided into 6 Semesters. Following are the list of Subjects under each semester  included in BA English Literature.

 Semester 1

  • Introducing Literature
  • Introduction to Communication and Journalism
  • Common Course (Ways with Words)
  • Common Course (Transaction)
  • Second Language (other than English)

Semester 2

  • Appreciating Poetry
  • Journalism
  • Common Course (Zeitgeist)
  • Common Course (Academic Writing)
  • Second Language (other than English)

Semester 3

  • Appreciating Prose
  • English Grammar and Usage
  • Signatures
  • Journalism
  • Second Language (other than English)

Semester 4

  • Appreciating Fiction
  • Literary Criticism
  • Second Language (other than English)

Semester 5

  • Appreciating Drama and Theatre
  • Literary Theory
  • Language and Linguistics
  • Indian writing in English
  • Open Course

Semester 6

  • Voice of Women
  • Classics of World Literature
  • Film Studies
  • New Literature in English
  • Elective Course
  • Project Work

About Common Course: In Semester 1, 2, 3 & 4 you have common course in English and a Second Language (Select as per your choice) along with Core Subjects.

About Elective Course

In semester 6 you have an elective course, the list of elective courses are given below:

Elective Courses:

  • Literature Of The Marginalized
  • Digital Literature and English
  • Writing for The Media
  • Translation Studies
  • English Language Education
  • Shakespeare

You can choose any one of the above listed Elective Courses as per your choice. (Availability of courses may vary for different colleges)

About Project Work

During the final year, you have to submit your Main Project.

Download Calicut University BA English Literature Latest Syllabus

Course List

  • BA Functional English
  • BA Multimedia
  • B.Sc Maths
  • B.Com Finance
  • BA Psychology
  • BBA

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