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About us

Who We Are, and What’s Our Mission?

We are a small team of enthusiastic students pursuing our undergraduate degree from University of Calicut, who happened to experience the usual panic in the last nights and hours before exams, and subsequently searched online for the study materials, but to our despair, we couldn’t find any satisfactory sources. We couldn’t find any website which provides previous year Question papers “with Solutions”, and also, couldn’t find much previous year questions itself, to the least.

So, we decided to bring some changes because we believe, there are many students out there like us feeling this issue, and we’d like to resonate the student community’s needs.

Our vision is to help the students in preparing most effectively for the exams by providing perfect study materials like short notes, solved question papers, lab records, etc. for short-term study, hence reducing the amount of supplies. We also provide maximum User-Friendly experiences to our users, with an online support team.

As a first footstep, we have just started this with our University (Calicut University), but our mission is to expand our services to students from other universities as well, by inculcating their study materials too on our website, hence spreading our love to yet more students.

With Love,
The DashScholar Team.