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BA History Course Details

BA History Course details, Latest Syllabus, Semester wise subjects and Job Opportunities.

What is BA History?

BA History or Bachelor of Arts in History is a 3-Year (6 Semesters) Undergraduate Course in History. The objective of this course is to enable the students to understand the fertile plurality of Indian culture and tradition and the cultural symbiosis in India that developed through the ages. The course is designed in a way that students study the major historical event that took place in India as well across the World.

The Core Subjects that BA History covers are such as Indian History, World History, Kerala History, Trends in Indian History, Methodology of Writing History, Indian Heritage, Gender Studies, etc. There are Common Courses and Complementary Courses that you have to Study along with Core Courses.

After Qualifying BA History you can find Job opportunities in fields like Journalism, Museums, Archaeology and Archives Department, Historical Parks, UPSC Jobs, Research Centers, Radio Channels, Survey Officers etc. The Job titles you can go for are like Archaeologist, Historian, Auctioneer, Social Worker, Teacher, Travel Tourism Expert, Archivist etc.

The Higher-level education you can pursue after completing BA History are MA History or can go for MBA.

The Fee structure for BA History is around Rs. 9000 per semester (taken colleges under Calicut University), The fee can vary for different colleges depending on whether it aided or unaided (government-based or self-financing)

The Minimum eligibility to apply for this course is to qualify 12th from any recognized board.

The Course is divided across 6 Semesters. Following are the list of Subjects under each semester included in BA History.

 Semester 1

  • Trends in Historiography
  • Complementary Course
  • Common Course I (English)
  • Common Course II (English)
  • Second Language (other than English)

Semester 2

  • Trends in Indian Historiography
  • Complementary Course
  • Common Course III (English)
  • Common Course IV (English)
  • Second Language (other than English)

Semester 3

  • World History – I
  • Indian History – I
  • Complementary Course
  • Common Course V (English)
  • Second Language (other than English)

Semester 4

  • World History – II
  • Indian History – II
  • Complementary Course
  • Common Course VI (English)
  • Second Language (other than English)

Semester 5

  • World History – III
  • Indian History – III
  • Kerala History – I
  • Methodology of the Writing of History
  • Open Course
  • Dissertation/Methodology of Local Historical Writing

Semester 6

  • Indian History – IV
  • Kerala History – II
  • Gender Studies
  • Indian Heritage and Plurality of Cultures
  • Elective Course
  • Dissertation/Methodology of Local Historical Writing

About Common Course: In Semester 1, 2, 3, & 4 you have common course in English and Second Language (Select as per your choice) along with Core Subjects.

About Elective Course

In Semester 6 you have an elective course, the list of elective courses are given below:

Elective Courses:

  • History of Archaeology in India
  • History of Epigraphy in India
  • Oral History
  • History of Human Rights

You can choose any one of the courses from Open and Elective Courses as per your choice. (Availability of courses may vary for different colleges)

About Project Work

During the final year, you have to prepare and submit your Dissertation/Project.

Download Calicut University BA History Latest Syllabus

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